About us

The Association of Dental Dealers in Europe - is a trade organisation working actively in the dental industry. Today ADDE represents the interests of a total of more than 960 dental dealer organisations. The ADDE's purposes are notably:

  • to bring together the representative national dental dealer associations of all European countries that so desire
  • to develop amongst its members a spirit of fellowship, moral support. For further information see the "Code of ethics for members of ADDE"
  • to foster an exchange of professional information and practical experience on technical and legal matters
  • to pool their knowledge with a view to improve their general working conditions
  • to co-ordinate collective interests of both the dental industry and the dental trade in Europe
  • to seek out factors likely to alter their situation in a beneficial way
  • to cooperatively make formal or informal representations at a European level, or request that members make these representations, or undertake all measures which the association seems beneficial to the professional interests of its members and to its organisation in general. Active members are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Netherland, Sweden and Switzerland. In addition, ADDE permits associate and sponsor membership from other countries, such as Norway, Finland and Spain.
  • bylaws of ADDE